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Bonfire night memories

It’s bonfire night and  the sky
is full of crackles and bangs,
brightly coloured lights.
The  damp November air;
full of gunpowder and
the smell of fires
and  smoke
Oh how I love this atmosphere.
If only I had  someone to tell about
‘our penny for the guy’
or the terrific bonfires  we built.

I have the honour of lighting it,
with lighted match,  hands shaking,
searching for dry paper.
Then little fires start to build  inside;
the first smell of smoke
as wood starts to light,
this is  just the beginning alright.
‘It’s lit! it’s lit!’ everyone shouts.

I  remember the flames,
that licked the sleepers dry,
swirling bright  yellow flames,
leaping higher and higher,
‘can’t you just feel that  fire!’
The heat on my face,
‘ look my coat is steaming!’

Excited  faces all around,
Dad saying ‘be careful son.
‘Don’t get too near that  fire
or that air bomb that didn’t go off,
it could explode at any  second!’
Don’t worry Dad, I’m alright.
(never felt better in fact)
This is definitely the best night,
It is just so brilliant it is.

Oh if only I was still a kid,
I’d be outside right now with my friends,
eyes wide open trying to take it all in,
ears primed; ready for  the big bangs,
deciding which firework to light next.
Not sitting here  enjoying my memories
of November the fifth’s gone by—
Just sat at my  computer, writing this.

by  Simon Icke. copyright  2009

more of Simon’s poem can be found on the Tring People website:


Goose Fair is a happy place

The noise is loud and shrill

And people come from miles around

Looking for a thrill

By riding on the dodgems, the rocket and the wheel

Or even of the carousels Made of wood and steel

There’s sideshows there to entertain

With freaks that are quite funny

And there are many things to eat

That,s if you’ve got the money

The lights shine bright, the music plays

The swings go up and down

And everyone in Radford knows

The fair has come to town

In the year 2005 the fair was extended 

To include Wednesday and Sunday as well

But the fair is still opened at Thursday noon

When the lord mayor rings his bell

The council maintain that this good for the economy

But for some it can be source of disruption and misery

For we should remember the fair is a noisy and raucous affair

Which is not always appreciated by all those who live near

So if you visit and enjoy the attractions of the fair

Think about the residents who suffer disruption at this time every year

By Ron martin

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