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Pleasure Vs. pressure

The moments of life all add up

Some of it planned,

Most of it pot luck

The stress we receive builds up the pressure,

As we spend our lives,

Seeking all pleasures

The pleasure of love, fun and laughter

The pressures of the past,

Present and after,

But each life is different in every way

Seems like the same old story,

Just on a different day.

By Abbe Cutforth

Hood (The Outlaw Rap)

You see this – it’s misunderstood
Man it’s just a hood
A big part of my attire
But it’s starting to conspire
Against me and my generation
Next there’ll be legislation
By the men in the suits
Westminster brutes!
I mean check out their gear
That’s the look of fear
We don’t make no wars
Give me girls and dance floors
So I can live as a young man
Without a plan
In an existence of leisure
Of unadulterated pleasure
Sometimes in excess
Often reckless
But no threat to national security
At my tender age only purity
And respect is good enough
But what about love?
Is there any left?
Must I be bereft
Of mutual understanding
With our elders demanding
We keep in line
So you see my decline
Will make me retreat to my disguise:
Behind propaganda and lies.
Stephen Holloway
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