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My Amazing 4

My babies are beautiful in every way
They keep me on my toes 24 hours a day,
A new experience we share day to day
At night awake wide eyed I lay
A smile on my face those memories,

                              Not a soul could take away

A great school report,
The mummy’s day card with their own thought,
Their first nursery rhymes we taught,
Those colds we’ve nursed that they’ve caught
The cute first shoes we bought,

I’m the luckiest lady right here,
A smile upon my face from ear to ear
They’re my babies my pride and joy,
They’re my life my first born, a beautiful baby boy
Now a mum to four I want to squeeze them all so tight,
Love them and treasure them with all my might
A mummy, I love my job and God not even you can rob.

Gemma Cutforth



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