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“Life and the Sky ” – Promote Yourself

life and sky

I think about the sky,
All the differences there,
It can be bright,
It can be cloudy,
Rain can fall down.

How are we different,
Or are we the same,
Do our emotions,
Match those same things?

Nature and life,
One and the same,
We go out in the world,
To experience life day to day.

I can be happy,
Be at peace where I am,
But the storm can come,
Shake ground I thought sound.

Will there ever,
Come a day,
When I am sure,
That what said will remain?

The sky is vast,
Beautiful at times,
Life feels the same,
Uncertain but still beauty we can find. 

By: Christine Blackwell


I am someone who is trying to make it through. Christine is a pseudonym for me. I am trying to get myself out there hoping to find a little more of myself through my persona and allow others to find something of worth in anything I might say. All I want is to help others realize that we mostly tend to struggle in similar ways and there are others out there who hurt like you, just try to be a friend and it can effect the world in beautiful ways. Art is a form of speaking for the soul. I release it all here, truth, anger, pain, joy, sorrow and sadness. I hope one day to be a published author of poetry books and novels, just continue to share what I love. 




It is far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness
It’s what an old Chinese proverb has to say
Wise words which have come through the ages
Words that are still applicable in our lives today

For the light would illuminate the path we take
And reveal the pitfalls we could meet on our way
And by avoiding these we could reach our objective
And will ensure we enjoy our lives today

For it is better to light a candle to see where we are going
Than to journey to an object we clearly cannot see
That it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness
It’s the message that this proverb presents to you and me

Ron Martin

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