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This is Nottingham


Nottingham is a lovely place, so much to see and do,

a castle, caves, the river, we’ve got a windmill too!

Two football teams, ice skating rink, a tennis centre place,

rugby, bowling, health clubs, whatever you can face. 

Our medical care is first class, we’ve got the Q.M.C.

They really do look after us, they are there for you and me.

The University grounds are beautiful when the rhodo’s are on show,

on a sunny afternoon it is the place to go.

If you want to see how criminals were treated in days gone by,

you could go to the Shirehall Galleries, if you DARE give it a try!

If you are a night owl there are many clubs for you,

to stay until it’s quite late, or dance the whole night through.

We also have some friendly pubs, if you want a quiet drink,

or you can go and have a lunchtime snack, if your cooker’s on the blink.

Our restaurants are wonderful whatever you like to eat,

the choice is quite a amazing it’s simply hard to beat.

You can even go to the theatre, plays, concerts, whatever you want to see,

there are also lots of cinemas if you fancy a movie.

From the Nottingham Midland train station you can go anywhere at all

but you really should just stay right here, you will really have a ball!

JUNE FISHER Sutton-in-Ashfield

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