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To lose someone to spirit


When you lose someone to spirit,

It leaves an empty space,

There is no one to relate to,

No more that smiling face.

No one to share things,

No one to hold your hand,

Just whisked away to spirit,

Something that was not planned.

But you know, everything that happens,

Is all part of the creators scheme,

For the spirit has to develop,

To become part of his spiritual dream.

Just take a look at the rainbow,

Take a look at a beautiful child,

Breathe in the wonderful aromas,

Of the flowers that are growing wild.

Take a look at the miracle of nature,

As it unfolds before your eyes,

Like the clouds as they change shape,

As the wind blows them across the skies.

Like the wind our spirit bodies are,

You can feel but cannot see,

For you are spirits of another sphere,

With no burdens, you are all free.

So although you have lost someone to spirit,

You are only losing the material form,

And know that all your loved ones,

Return to spirit, to be reborn.

So send your love to those in spirit,

And in time you all will find,

That your loved ones will converse with you,

Through the power of your mind.

Malcolm G Bradshaw
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