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Santa’s Dispute


Santa was very worried at the North Pole

For all his toys were made ready that night

But his reindeers were not happy

So they all decided to strike

Santa had a meeting with his reindeers

Dressed in his Santa’s suit

Now come on tell me

The reason for this dispute

Well said” Rudolph we are fed up pulling your sleigh”

For it gets heavy year after year

So we are not pulling you sleigh to night

All the reindeers gave out a loud cheer

Santa said what about the children

They will have no toys on Christmas Eve

Santa was very sad and disappointed

As he turned away to leave

Then he heard his elves and reindeers laughing

As Santa walked slowly away

Santa turned round to see what was happening

To see his reindeers ready in his sleigh

Santa was now very happy

Together they all took flight

Knowing that the children of the world

Would be receiving their toys that night

Malcolm Bradshaw

Clumsy santa’s nightmare



As Santa prepared for Christmas

Putting all the toys in his sack

As he lifted the toys on his sleigh

It was then that he hurt his back


He went to the front of his sleigh

To make sure Rudolph had a shiny nose

It was then one the reindeers

Stood on one of Santa’s toes


Santa laughed it off as quite funny

As he hobbled back to his sleigh

Just as he was about to get in

The reindeer rose up and flew away


Santa by this time was angry

And took it out on Snowman Pete

Santa pushed Snowman Pete over

 Ending up in a very large heap


It was then that Santa realized

As he awoke from his bed that night

For he had experienced a terrible nightmare

Giving Santa a horrible fright


So Santa was not so clumsy

At last Santa was on his way

All the toys were delivered

To the children on Christmas Day


Malcolm G Bradshaw
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