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Forbidden Love

fofbiden love
Hidden secrets
Secret smiles
Smiles hidden
Truth forbidden
Forbidden love
Love secrets
Secret smiles
Smiles hidden
Hidden secrets
Locked tight
Strongest tension
Strangling tight
Tight emotion
Emotion hidden
Secret smiles
Smiles forbidden
No compromise

Gillian Sims

This poem was recently published in the book THE GREAT BRITISH WRITE OFF




Dear Mother, It is very hard,

As I do not know where to start,

These few words I send to you,

Come from within my heart.


Now that you are no longer with me,

You are always on my mind,

I remember you were very gentle,

And to me, so very kind.


Sometimes I said things to hurt you,

But you took it in your stride,

And although you never shown it,

You must have hurt inside.


You helped me through my heartaches,

And problems I could not bear,

For I know that in the background,

You were always there.


I suppose I took you for granted,

My enemy and my friend,

My eyes are filled with tears,

For this letter I cannot send.


You are no longer with me,

For you have gone to a better place,

I miss the love you gave me,

And the smile upon your face.


Mother, I love you very much,

That is all I want to say,

These greetings I send you,

Because it is Mothers Day…


Malcolm G Bradshaw




A sweet enchanting smile

Warm and tender charms

The things I remember

While safe in mother’s arms


Protected from all troubles

Comforted when in pain

Kissed gently on the cheek

To make all better again


Guided through my infant life

Of things I should not do

Taught me right from wrong

And shown things old and new


I want to thank you mother

I cherished all the years

Even when I was punished

And cried so many tears


And now that I am older

My love for you is strong

Although you are no longer with me

To the Spirit world you have gone


I know you will always be near me

For your love will never die

At times when I need you

I will always feel you nigh


I should like to say thank you

For all that you have done

For I will always cherish you

From your grateful Son.
Malcolm Bradshaw

A New Beginning – Promote Yourself


The anticipation has come to an end,
It’s almost time to meet our new friend,
It’s 2 in the morning, the pain kicks in,
Here he comes, his life will soon begin,
I am scared stiff, what lies ahead?
Screaming out in the hospital bed,
The pain is so bad just want him here,
I have never felt so much fear,
25 hours later he’s in my arms
Hoping and praying he comes to no harm,
His big blue eyes and cute little face
Look up at me to say,
How did I get to this place?
I promise him right there and then,
I will love him forever, until the end.

Abbe Cutforth

What is Success? – Promote Yourself


I once dreamt of that golden word,
Which plagues my days and haunts my nights,
A lighthouse upon boulders of fame,
Whose peripheral sea is strewn with blights.

I once dreamt of sweet, sweet success,
Till I tasted a morsel of that which I craved,
My tongue screamed Pull Back! and to this day,
I don’t really know from what I’d been saved.

I once dreamt of the top of the world,
Deeds immortalized and soul long sold,
I could, perhaps, wave at the faces below,
But for an acrophobic that’s a story untold.

I once dreamt of that V-shaped mark,
I could jot besides “SUCCESS!”
But frankly, checklists are to life,
As Checkers is to Chess.

I once dreamt of gold and glory,
Until blind ambition taught me a lesson well learned,
When the day comes that success has no name,
Only then will it be a true victory earned. Thanks! 😉

Sizing Up – Promote Yourself

gun head

There is laughter there
In-between broken ribs and bent souls
In being alone, in touching your own wounds
Salted funny

I needed to tell you I was crazy; in promise
You would not reject me because
I have an art about forgiving and still losing everything
Telling the preacher himself
So that I don’t feel so lonely
When you sit your sin right beside me

A mass of contradictions
You told me right and taught me wrong
Thinking that all I have to do is tell the truth; be strong
When the rope was dangling there all along
You sleep soundly
Thinking you have killed me, but I loved you
That was always the right choice to me

They all want to wreck me
And I want salvation
You want portraits of the condition I am currently in
Still waiting
Seeing the light through your cavernous body
Hoping my spirit clings to the correct things
And not the dampness of your dark

Taking what you give me
Even when it hurts me; you left me
Feigning and sickly; scrawny
From the lack of dreams where you would hold me
Sometimes I feel your fingers foreign
And I lack the self-respect to
Stop them because it’s been so long since
I’ve had someone’s whole palm to lay my cheek in

My tears will never be enough restitution
I could bleed your vanity and still be too thin
To complicated to kiss
Unaware of your efforts
Claiming to have good intentions
But all I feel is shame creep in

Memories of when just your form could make my entire structure unsound
Your smell could make me forget I ever
Saw hell in your eyes
The way they matched perfectly with your voice
That spoke to those words
Making me put a Smith and Wesson to my head

With still no kiss to my temple
The love I feel from you is lethal
But I know I’m more than thankful
Because if I was like you
Selfish acting noble
I would feel even more so unlovable

I have hope and
You don’t; say;
I’m sorry but I wouldn’t either
If the only good part in my entire day
Was watching a beautiful girl decay and slip away

My reality
And still you have the audacity
To say ‘leave me be’


Hi my name is Kelley Stephens I am from the United States in Oklahoma. I have a degree in nursing and I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I just started really concentrating on my poetry the last year or two. you can find my blog here Hope everyone enjoyed!

Kelley M. Stephens

A mate is true



Yesterday I did a poem about how my grandmother would’ve worked in the isolation of the country of South Australia. I never knew my grandfather but having known my father as a true person I can only imagine my  grandfather. I gave thought to my Dad’s brothers and the legend of the men from the early years of the country. I hoped he would’ve been true to his mates.

He would have learned the mateship oath
Along a railway gangers camp
From Broken Hill to Adelaide
The mateship oath in good times
And out of work

The oath from town to town
And by the billabong
The oath no matter what
A mate is true
He can do no wrong

A mate respects his mate
No matter what
Sharing in all kinds of weather
A mate can do no wrong
Along a railway gangers camp
From Broken Hill to Adelaide

No matter what
Sharing in all kinds of weather
A mate can do no wrong
There may be bitter words between mates
At times

But when he is away or passed on
A mate is loyal to a mates memory
No matter what

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