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Who is in control

When the sun is setting in the western sky
And the daylight surrenders to the darkness of the night
When the day’s work is done and people have time to relax
When the stars of the Milky Way come into sight
Then the magnitude of the universe pervades my soul
And I ask myself the question “who is in control?”
If God is in control why do so many disasters occur?
Why do the powers of evil have so much sway?
These are the questions that I often ask myself
As I lie on my bed at the closing of the day
I have a faith that joy can overcome sorrow
And that daylight will bring a new tomorrow
Many folk believe that God was responsible for creation
But looking around the world today many doubts arise
For all they can see is turmoil and disorder
And nothing that happens is much of a surprise
Church attendance is falling, there are fewer people in the pews
Which means that fewer people are hearing the gospel’s good news
For this reason many folk lack faith in the future
And their lives are lacking any real foundation
The gospel message provides hope and strength for living
Which in times of trouble is a source of consolation
In our despair it will bring comfort to our soul
And we shall never doubt who really is in control
Ron Martin

What does Saturday mean to you?


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