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Why are the leaders of the world so inept?
That they continue to allow tyrannies to thrive
Why are they not prepared to take action?
To ensure that thousands starving to death are kept alive
Is it because they appear to be of no value
That their countries are not vital to the world’s economy
There may be other reasons for their inaction
But that is how it appears to me
What are they doing about drug production?
Which destroys so many people’s lives
Columbia continues to export tons of cocaine
The growing of opium poppies in Afghanistan still thrives
In the Sudan people are still dying of starvation
And thousands are being subjected to cruelty
We’ve seen the television reports which confirm this
And our Foreign Minister says it is a tragedy
But why do we allow these things to continue
Knowing it will cause millions to suffer a dire fate
Talking about it will not provide the solution
Action is required before it is too late
Ron Martin



The Human Epic Itinerary: From Inner Space to Outer Space and then to … Cyber Space – Promote Yourself

The itinerary of the Human Epic: From inner space to outer space;
ironically, a fateful race, to a final stop … cyber space.
Read not, at your own risk, handwritten walls. From inner space
to outer space, to cyber space … we’ve raced.
From inner space to outer space, and through it, to cyber space … we’ve raced;
but cyber-space is wilder than previous frontiers … we’ve faced.
Read between the lines @chachomanopapa on Twitter and a surreal analog, Poetic history, in tweets and a blog.

By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

‘The double life of Mrs Robinson’ – Promote Yourself


I was given this list of words and phrases to turn into a poem:

  • Burlesque
  • The prostate
  • Twilig
  • Dusk
  • RSPB
  • Play it by ear
  • Mrs Robinson
  • Fimbles
  • Mulled
  • Goundhog day

This is what I did with them:

The Double life of Mrs Robinson

Doting wife and mother by day

Wild temptress and diva by night

She lead a double life

A transformation in the absence if light

She paid the bills

With a RSPB monthly wage

But in the book of her life

This was but only the first page

Morning to noon

She experienced groundhog day

She mulled over her life

She wished the hours away

Watching fimbles with the kids

Drinking tea with the girls

Forever following protocol

No diamonds, no sparkles, no pearls

Twilight was when she came alive

When she realised all her dreams

For dusk was the time of day

She transofrmed into a burlesque queen

The club in which she danced

Was called The Prostate

Nobody could answer why

Not good for a first date

People cheered and they clapped

When she danced her head was clear

Was it wrong this life she lead?

Mrs Robinson decided to play it by ear

by CarlyLou

History, the Status Quo and Prophesy – Promote Yourself

The Balkanization of Pangaea reflects many thousands of years of hostilities
and countless rivers of bloodshed … too much of it … unnecessarily.
Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s people are all of us notwithstanding that some of us
feel that they, and they only … enjoy … a ‘most favored’ … status.
Ever more disagreeably disagreeing in this tragi-comic ‘reality’, The Big Three,
Muslims, Christians and Jews … may yet reconsider … albeit … belatedly.
But history, the status quo and prophesy mitigate mightily against the possibility
of plurality … coming to the rescue of a sovereign-based … humanity.
The rise to notoriety of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State and the Caliphate
via a magnetic attraction for disaffected misogynists … raises … stakes.
Alas, we homo sapiens (we auto-denominated ‘wise’ (wo)men), are, all too sadly
a seemingly … supremely stupid … and specious … species. 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

Happy Birthday Gillian Jane Sims

Annual – Promote Yourself


Flame leaves lick the sky,
the sun sinks sooner each day,
your delayed germination,
petals gone in the breeze,
just days left to blooming,
and I forgot to water you.

I hope you enjoy my work! I am called Hayli May, and I enjoy life in Michigan’s breathtaking upper peninsula. Comment with your blog if you write short poems, because I’d love to check yours out!

Colours – Promote Yourself

blue skys

Its shining brighter ,
over pale blue skies,
Nature smiles,
feeling lighter ..
feeling paradise ..
same as blowing breeze
when it sorrounds you ,
touching your beauty –
kissing your smiles
its amazing.. incredible.. 
I know you are not mine ..
And I am not Yours
But there is somthing 
between you and me 
Its not the color of faces..
Not even link of words 
Its rhym of feelings..
Its not just a liking
but the expressions in it ♡♡Atul Shukla
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