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Sailing, I am… – Promote Yourself



The double deception

They were on a cruise to the West Indies ,
They met on their very first day at sea,
He was completely enchanted with her beauty,
She was impressed with his personality.
He told her he was the Managing Director of a company,
With factories in England and the USA ,
The company was successful and still expanding,
She was most impressed by what he had to say.
She said she was a Personal Assistant,
Her boss was a financial expert well known in the city,
She couldn’t give him any more information because it was confidential,
All he could say was that “this was a pity.”
During the cruise their friendship continued to blossom,
Enjoying their company together and the wonderful weather,
They invited the ship’s Captain to perform a wedding,
For they had realised they wished to spend their lives together.
When they arrived home he said “There’s something I must tell you,
In fact what I am about to say is a confession,
I am not the Managing Director of a successful company,
Teaching people to play golf is my profession.”
He said “I hope you are not too disappointed,
I realise now that the deception was underhand,
But I was so taken by your beauty I wanted to impress you,
I do hope you will try to understand.”
“Well,” she said.  “I too have not been quite honest,
What I have told you was not exactly true,
There is something about me that you should know,
I misrepresented myself hoping I could impress you.”
“I am not a PA to a financial expert, I am a hooker,
I hope that does not fill you with fright.”
“Oh no,” he said.  “The problem is how you are holding your golf clubs,
A few lessons from me will quickly put that right.  ” 
Ron Martin
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