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Midnight Swim – Promote Yourself

My name is John from Northern California, USA. While I am no longer young, I am but a child at heart and also very new to writing. Even newer to writing for the world at large to see. I will be sending entries from time to time as I am inspired. Here is my first. Hope you enjoy.
Midnight Swim


Cold ocean waves

Reflected moon

Diamond glitter

Across the wake


Refreshing plunge

Open water

Quiet mind

Alert,  awake


Depth unknown

Moving shadow

Swift below

Midnight mistake


Jaws of death

Open wide

Scream in pain

For no ones sake


Countless teeth

Razor sharp

Rip and tear

Shred and shake

Foamy water

Crimson red

Flesh is torn

Bones they break

Glimpse the moon

One last time

Pray the LORD

My soul to take.

Thank you poetree creations for providing this outlet. Anyone who enjoyed this feel free to check out all my other poems, flash fiction, and written mayhem at

Keep writing.


For the baby’s sake

Pregnant woman smoking,

Which bit will you damage next?

Perhaps a brain cell here and there?

Perhaps a heart beat could be vexed.

You never know, perhaps a toe.

Your inhaling has  in sight,

Or maybe the baby’s liver

Is to be rendered not quite right.

The choice is not entirely yours,

Smoke will have its own quiet way,

And, passively, the babe you carry

Simply has no say.

So, this is for your baby

Taking its hurt to heart.

Speechless little victim.

Let this poem voice your part.

Ron Gardner, 

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