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In my millionth moment

It is in my millionth  moment

  That I need

To sit beside the calmest sea,

Where I could spot a pirate,

On a desert island

hiding in a huge palm tree,

I could run along

The water’s edge

And feel the softness of the sand,

I could follow the clouds

To the promised land

In my millionth moment

Or I could sit in a sea cave,

And anticipate in isolation,

How far I could stretch my imagination

Across the deepest blue waves,

In my millionth moment

I could imagine a mermaid

Visiting me in my sea cave,

reading my future From old tea leaves,

Telling me stories

Of pirates and thieves,

Who hide in huge palm trees

In my millionth moment

By Gillian Sims

A grain of sand

A grain of sand in a lifeless land

As far as the eye can see

It’s been a week, with no relief,

won’t you come and set me free 

How I wish a plane would land, according to plan

And take me away from here but my luck’s run out,

My body is broke and I don’t know where I am 

The wind blows through, it chills me blue and I don’t know

Where I am With nothing to scoff and not even a brew

I think I’m left behind In this lifeless land

Filled with sand I know my life is through

Then the radio crackles and I’m made to remind

That there are others out there tooleft in this land like a

Grain of sand waiting to come home too……

Dan Fry

Foot prints in the sand

My head is spinning

The world seems surreal,

I can’t explain it

It’s just how I feel, 

For every footprint

Left in the sand,

For every person

Walking hand in hand,

I feel their love

But is it true,

Do their feelings run deep

Like mine do for you?

Do they smile, just because,

Will it be forever

Like it is for us?

I sometimes sit and wonder why

Why do you love me,

Why do you try?

I know we will last

I know our love is pure,

We will never be

A lost print on the shore.

By Abbe Cutforth

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