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The Fallen

When the sun rises I will feel no warmth

When the wind blows I will feel no breeze

 Falling rain will not chill me

Dark nights I shall not fear

 Medals sent to my family 

A flag at half mast to remember me

 No more reason to be bold 

as my soul grows slowly cold

 I’ve done my fighting, my deed is done,

I did my best, I hope we won

 As I lay here to rest in peace

please don’t let my memories cease 20,000 FT

Falling through the clouds, tumbling in the air

Jumping from 20,000, with style, grace and flair

 Any sane person would think you’ve lost the plot

but experience, skill and patience

let you dust down on the spot

 Jump from the back, on green lights flashing bright

 As you dive off the ramp into the starry night

 Guided by your instinct, trusting on your skill

 Pulling up at 500 ft takes an iron will

 Landing both feet planted, pulling on the brakes

 You’re down again and ready, no time for mistakes

 Dump your rig and stash it, grab your gear and run

 Slipping silently into the night,

aiming down your gun 

The jungle swallows you whole,

as you set off on your goal

 On another mission, onward more you go…

Dan Fry

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