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The tangled web

Soft satin sheets

Entice us to meet

The tangled web

That we create,

The lack of sleep

Overpowered by our love

Then slowly;

I see the dawn slipping through

The sharp white blinds

It is only time,

This is the last thing on my mind

I cannot foresee what tomorrow may bring

I want to see the laughter back in our eyes

I want the sun to shine and the larks to sing

I watch you silently drift to sleep

I want everything that love can bring,

I know I will watch with jealous eyes

In the morning when I’m still tired

But fired up with your love

Then when you leave once more

Without a second thought

To the one you say you adore,

To return back to her

I will remember the passion,

The fire in the night,

Your flaming hot lips,

The whispers that were there

The only moment we had together to share

Gillian Sims

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