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Picture Perfect


She stood there by the ocean,
The breeze gently lifted her hair.
Of that seagull just above her,
She was totally unaware.Seemingly floating in the sky,
The seagull’s wings were still.
I think it paused to take good aim,
And drop a mess at will.Too late she looked above her head,
Where the seagull hovered now.
Then as I watched in horror,
Bird droppings hit her brow.Her scream pierced the balmy air.
Splat! The stuff hit her face.
Then she saw my camera and me,
And stomped off in disgrace.


My sea life

 I wish I was a mermaid under the sea
Imagine what kind of life that would be,
To be friends with the dolphins, crabs and fish
To live under the sea is my wish,
I would swim the ocean floor forever
Every day would be a new adventure,
A different life in the depths of the sea
With no one around but the fish and me,
A perfect life of peace and love
Just me and the sea and nothing above

Abbe Cutforth


I am the one

Who sat upon

The highest cliff

Reaching out to

To the loudest waves

When a man approached me


Though his eyes were sad

He needed someone to talk to,

I did not acknowledge him,

It was at that moment

A teardrop crept from his eye,

Falling and crashing deep into the waves

He followed,

Leaving no trace

When he jumped into the waves,

Silence clung

Like a glove,

All I could feel was his pain

Around my heart


I remain solo

I wish I had spent the time

To talk to him,

The stranger that I ignored

I wish I had been brave enough,

To hear what he had to say

I was his last hope

Now I will never know

The hurt he held inside

I will never know,

How many times he had cried

About whatever secret he held inside

Why his tear drops fell

Into the hungry waters,

Whilst I sat upon the highest cliff

Reaching out to the loudest waves,

Still I remain solo

by Gillian Sims

Fun at Nine Months Old – Prommote Yourself

Already you are 9 months old
I didn’t believe it when I was told,
“He’ll grow so quick, time will fly”
But the time really does fly by,
You’ve had your first visit to the park
We stayed and played until it got dark,
You sat on my knee as we slid down the slide,
I held you tight on the horsey ride
We’ve had our first trip to the beach,
Watching the donkeys that were out of reach
The weather wasn’t great but the wind made you smile,
Laughing and giggling all the while
We stood on the pier and looked out to sea,
Wait until you’re bigger and can paddle with glee
You will soon be crawling then walking away,
I’ll be chasing you every minute of every day
So until then I cuddle you close to my heart,
Then the invisible string will ensure we won’t be apart.

Abbe Cutforth

Mermaid – Promote Yourself


A flash of pearlescent blush
Shimmering just below the becalmed surface.
A brush of silken sandpaper
Against the exposed skin of my leg;
An electric eels love touch.
Then, nothing, a still as if the world paused.
The ocean lay millpond before me.
I scanned the water, as I struggled to stay afloat.
It was not panic, more suspense,
As the water lifted before me and
Water like oil in a slick, oozed over human form.
Skin of purest aquamarine, glinted in the sun.
Hair of seaweed, emerald of hue,
Cascaded about an elfin face.
And her eyes! What can I say?
If the bounties of the ocean were to meld
Into two shining pools of coral wonder
It would still never describe the flickering
Marvel of those transparent orbs.
She smiled, as her perfect body lifted from the sea,
Seashell teeth glinting a welcome.
The missing jewel from Neptune’s crown appeared before me.
My heart melted into the ocean;
I was hers for all eternity.
She put a lightly scaled finger to her mouth
And shushed my writhing form.
Then, she enveloped me gently in her arms,
And dragged me intoxicated to my doom.

Richard Ankers

Nightcap – Promote Yourself


From this hillside heaped with melon leaves
we watch a golden foil settle over the city,

the outskirt factories shuttling smoke out to sea.
Today after work, after many bad days at work,

I punched the banister into a gap-toothed smile.
On the news we heard of the innocent bystander

caught in a hail of bullets. We imagined
downy feathers in a pendulum descent.

You pull the wine from the rapid of a cold brook.
Exhausted stars recoil into night.

Our mouths, open and soundless,
taste peach on our tongues, a hint of clove.

About the Author
Jason Tandon is the author of three collections of poetry including Wee Hour Martyrdom (2008) and Give over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt (2009), winner of the 2006 St. Lawrence Book Award for a first book from Black Lawrence Press. His poetry and reviews have appeared in AGNI Online, Columbia Poetry Review, Harvard Review Online, Esquire, Pleiades, Poetry International, Prairie Schooner, Spoon River Poetry Review, and on NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac. He teaches in the College of Arts & Sciences Writing Program at Boston University

I Wonder if You Wander – Promote Yourself


I wonder if you wander along the shore;
While the tide rolls in and Time fades into grey.
I wonder if you wander when the daylight pours its rays upon your face.
As your soul lays barren, washed up in the waves if you long for refreshment;
Though water is at your feet.
In the thousands of grains of sand, you wonder if at all someone will notice you,
As they will notice me.
The brevity of life; the fragile state of living.
Somehow, we take each second for granted, the minutes to share our hearts with another.
In a breath and a sigh; it passes by too quick.
Take each drop in when you can.
I wonder if you wander when someone will carry you underneath the wings of hope.
Does the suffering grieve your heartstrings too much that the sun won’t shine tomorrow?
As you cry, the next bottle of rain; you want to hide your head in the caves of Remorse.
You can’t escape the past, or run far enough for the dawn to catch you.
Don’t lose sight; redemption has come;
Just open your eyes and your heart, for tomorrow is come.

I wonder if you wander in the shifting sands of life,
The shoreline’s too long and the tide is too high.
The waves crashing, undertow pulling into its side;
Wiping out all hopes of success, all joy inside this world.
Tossing, turning, shipwrecked, sunken treasures, us boys and girls;
But with the compression; the pressure in His hands.
He takes these challenges turning us into His pearls.
Precious, priceless, perfected by trials,
In this lonely beach.

I wonder if you wander on this rock, on this isle.
Isolation and desolation; seeking not to be stiff and still
But full of vibrancy and bright.
No one is an island; no one is a shore
But banking on the waters of love.
Love will restore and heal the broken,
Love is the ocean, and we are the sea;
Flowing, growing, feeding one another in its plentiful, beautiful bounty.
Going on in its continuous fount, the water that never runs dry;
For the parched heart.

I wonder if you wander along this shore.
Thinking and watching as Time rolls on;
But wait, don’t lose heart, you can’t give up now:
Hope is alive, it lives for tomorrow!

Dr. Seussa

Painting Songs – Promote Yourself


My mind is a sea of unsynchronised waves.
They don’t rise up in unison
Or fall together with grace; my waves Mexican-wave.

My mind is a room of incomplete art
I should write a novel, or compose a symphony.
Instead I paint songs

My heart is a wood of bluebells.
My soul, an Indian sky
But my mind is a sea of unsynchronised waves
Inside I’m painting songs

Bridget from Ireland




I dreamt I was an angel

Descending from the sky,

I lived amongst the clouds

Way up high,

Now I was falling

So very fast,

Someone was calling

My name

I heard the echo

Ringing in my ears,

I didn’t want to know

I kept falling

Falling, faster,

Someone was still calling

When I landed

In the sea,

I saw mermaids

They all

Surrounded me,

Just bathing

And waving

In the bright blue sea,

I swam into a cave

And could not

Believe my eyes,

There was a mirror

In front of me

Very large in size,

Staring back at me

Was a mermaid

So beautiful was she,

I could not

Stop staring,

Then I realised it was me

Gillian Sims

Another life

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