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winter tree

I am winter,
Coldest season,
If you’re looking for a reason,
Skiing sledding,
Leafless trees,
Skate on ice,
No sign of bees…
The Earth has tilted,
From the sun,
Days are short,
But still such fun…
Put some gloves,
On your hands,
Enjoy my winter wonderland!

What does September mean to you?

Let us know

Somewhere along the highway
Lies a field of amber durum wheat
Where footsteps of ghosts long past
Tread among its tall and slender stalks

Visions unlock scattered memories
Of a holiday in the countryside
Where within the ardor of autumn
Lay noonday siestas and midday walks

No photographs, no diaries
Just faded memory at its best
Connects the past with the present
As I ponder to still remember

Ripples of grain ebb like the ocean
When dew adorns the tips of the spikes
While golden wheat is set against
Morning azures of September

Somewhere along the highway
I lean my head out the window
Storing pictures in my mind
As I am touched by misty rain

The tall, slender stalks of durum wheat
Sway within the mist
Evoking the true American icon
“Amber waves of grain”


The miracles of September bring about harvest time, shorter days, falling leaves,

changing landscapes and so much more. 

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