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The Heatwave


The heatwave screams
Put your hats on please
Get your sun cream out
There is no doubt
We have a heatwave,
So out come the sunbeds
The cream on your legs
The hat on your head
Sunglasses to cover your eyes
For those who are wise,
A heatwave
To greet us every morn
Young men in their shorts
On the beach at dawn,
Awaiting the sun
To top up their tan
To stretch out and laze
In the heatwave

Gillian Sims


Bootnecks start the fight

The Para’s eagle flight

ATO’S prep the rounds

While tankies churn the ground

Drop shorts bring the might

MP’s oversee the night

Blades sneaking through the lines

When JTAC’S watch the skies

The Rupert’s read the map

Chunkies build the camp

Scaley’s man the net

REME fix the snatch

The loggies bear the load

And the roundels bring you home

By Dan Fry

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