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Santa claus is coming to town


I am lost, I am falling, I am now living in a world with no sleep; The night has become an ocean and I am drowning in the deep


The moon has become my sun,  The stars bring light to my sky; Staring at a ceiling unable to sleep, no matter how hard I try


I am living in a silent world full of artificial light; Words fall from this pen, as pages are filled with these darks verses that I write


My eye lids are feeling heavy now, But are my eyes already closed? Or is this just a longer blink; My mattress is turning into quicksand, As I slowly begin to sink


Soft whispers start to tumble and fall down,  I wonder am I asleep or am I still awake; Maybe this is all a daydream, and I am laying here just waiting for yet another dawn to break


As I fall deeper I feel my body lifting up high, as soft voices whisper they have heard me calling; But just as the sun begins to rise I wake up screaming as I feel my body falling.



My Teddy Bear


You are my teddy bear
So soft and smooth
With love so strong
We have nothing to lose

You are my teddy bear
As soft as silk
You are my goodness
You are my goodnight milk

You are my teddy bear
My midnight hug
You are my comfort
The one I love

You are my teddy bear
The one I like to cuddle tight
You are my teddy bear
That helps me sleep at night

Gillian Sims

A Thousand Pictures

If I could paint a thousand pictures

Each one would be of you

I would place them all around my room

So I wouldn’t feel so blue

I know you would always be close

So close to my heart

If you were ever away

I know we’d never be apart

My eyes would follow you around my room

To admire my pictures of you

I would go to sleep well rested

Not feeling at all blue

I would dream of you looking at me

Whilst I silently sleep

I would breathe you in the morning

My pictures of you to keep

Gillian Sims

Walking by Landmarks


I took a walk outside the other day
And realized the world has remained the same
The fields are changing as the
Clouds build their quiet momentum
But the stroll is a similar cadence
One can never be moving too soon
While in life missing steps
Would be
A bit nerve wracking
I took a walk outside the other day
Skies with their hue of golden blues
Will always brighten my day
Even as the wind’s ice take form
I seek a quiet comfort internally
Only to recognize again
The sudden calm’s change
Might be
A tad unrelenting
I took a walk outside the other day
And questioned what occurs
When my mind begins to sway
Off course into a never-land
Of energy no less endearing
Yet driven by our world’s demands.
Could be
A new awakening
I took a walk outside the other day
And when I listened to the sweet melody
Of simple pleasure in nature’s Grace
I could imagine a peace
A love of beauty and delight
Shed all aspects of the past
Only to relish a newer day again
Will we
Ever make allowances
I took a stroll while on a new avenue today
Noted the people’s intent to thrive in the gray
Thom Amundsen



Not in the past where your tempests raged;
Or in the future, when unknown forces could shatter dreams;
Not in your soul, skewered by hatred and resentment;
Only in the present, as an open heart awaits.

Not by running from what is given;
Or hiding in bitterness and acrid thoughts;
Not in your head, where too many goals are left unfulfilled;
Only in hope, not beyond your reach.

Not in innocence lost or violence found;
Or misguided battles, conflicts unresolved;
Not in your body, ravaged with time and pain;
Only in forgiveness of yourself.

Not in others’ perceptions of who you are;
Or finding reasons to run from promise;
Not in your losses, though hard to bear;
Only in taking her hand; reaching for the sun.

Wendy Shreve

: EVERY TIME I WRITE – Promote Yourself


Every time i write you get a preview
it’s easy to say i want, but in reality i need you
sometimes i want to lay with you as you sleep
then whisper my name in your ears & watch you squirm in between the sheets


keep nourishing your feelings so plate me
no part of us in the menu includes maybe
cause i’m breakfast, lunch & dinner daily
food for thought you’re appreciated greatly


a whisper & a thought
cause honestly the true you i want to unlock
i just want to love you as i do myself
you & i combined will always equal oneself


will save her in my youth with a cape
& in old age with a cane
she will always have a place
in my heart, body & soul cause my brain is all yours
every time i write is for it to be appealing to you when i explore
your deepest thoughts of course


just want you to know; while others take you for granted
i’ll love you the way you’ve always wanted
& this is coming from the bottom
i fall, better yet fell for you before autumn
you may have not been looking for unconditional love, but in me you’ve found him

Lino Robles

TORMENTORS – Promote Yourself


Go back to sleep my dear

that is what they always say
it was all just a bad dream
or perhaps light casting shadows from the window.

Go back to sleep my dear

do they not see?
do they not hear what I hear?
I just want them to stop

Go back to sleep my dear

dream pleasant dreams
as if I have control?
it is when I am awake at night that I am most afraid anyway

Go back to sleep my dear

everything will be alright in the morning
they do not understand
morning may not arrive for me

Yes, I will go back to sleep

perhaps to join my tormentors in their obvious agony
for an eternity of crying out at night
as if woken from a horrible dream

I will go back to sleep

maybe then they will see and hear
and I will whisper from the grave
go back to sleep my dears……….

Hope you all enjoy. I am truly having fun expressing myself through my darker imagination. Drop by my blog anytime.

JMC here again. While being my second post to poetree creations, this was my first effort at poetry for the public.

and until then, keep writing


A Little Prayer – Promote Yourself


Before I sleep, when the night’s at peace;
I caIl on Him with the dancing bees;
I don’t do this for you to be pleased;
but for me to be able to live with ease.
Trials and hardships have tested my faith;
A way out isn’t a problem ‘cause there is to create;
There are a lot of things that I wish to state;
but it is for you to discover, so go and change the fate!
As time passes by, we all move along;
Trying to find the place where we really belong;
Some are confused but please don’t get them wrong;
Because they couldn’t have seen yet the lyrics of the song.
There are problems that seem to last forover;
Stand up, face them, be strong and clever;
Don’t forget that you can cry on His shoulder;
You’ll feel a lot better when you say a little prayer.

Shavaun Lemieux

Last night


A gang of good intention

Came clamouring at his door.

‘Go away. You know I’m sleeping!’

‘Open up, or else we’ll let you know what for!’

‘Why bug me in the night-time?

My dreams should bring some rest.’

’Not in your case, matey,

We know what’s for the best.

We’ve come to jolt your thinking

About things you ought to do

To help you and other people

With all you’re going through.’

‘Look, I’m not wanting to be saintly.

Let me alone. Just leave me be.

Go and find real holy persons.

Allow my conscience to be free.

Farewell, you good intentions.

Get you gone now, off you go.

Let me relapse to mindlessness.

My final word is No!’

So away they crept, these spirits.

Dispirited they went.

And he, alone, could slumber on,

To selfishness hell-bent.

Ron Gardner, 22/9/11

The Life That I have – Your favourite poem


The life that I have 
Is all that I have 
And the life that I have 
Is yours 

The love that I have
Of the life that I have 
Is yours and yours and yours. 

A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have 
Yet death will be but a pause
For the peace of my years 
In the long green grass 
Will be yours and yours and yours. 

Leo Marks

Keep me warm

kids 55555


Keep me warm…..

Keep me safe……

Wrap me up, surround me

With your warm embrace……

Breathe my name …….

In my ear…..

Whisper sweet, beautiful things

Only I can hear……

Make me smile……

Give me hope…….

Let the world go by slowly

While you hold me……

Drift to sleep…….

Holding me…..

Let me hear you breathe softly

As I am bound in your embrace……

I fall asleep….

In your warmth…..

Snuggled tight and smiling

I fall asleep…..

I retired to my bed but sleep eluded me
So I took the opportunity to let my mind run free
I thought about the news reported in the press
Some which gave me pleasure, but most caused me distress
It is obvious that the world is not a happy place
With so many problems confronting the human race
I questioned whether this was the fulfilment of God’s plan
But concluded it was the result of man’s inhumanity to man
We hear reports of violence in our land and overseas
And the millions who are dying of starvation and disease
One cause is man’s lust for power and associated greed
With the result that some have far more than they need
How much longer can we allow this to go on?
Are we to assume that all hope has gone?
Is there cause for confidence anywhere?
Or has hope disappeared in the mire of despair?
Evil must be faced wherever it is found
The time has come for us to stand our ground
To recognize evil when it impacts on our life
Knowing in the long run it will lead to more strife
Sitting back and hoping will be of no avail
Disregarding evil means in the long run we will fail
The time has come for men of goodwill to make a stand
For this is the only hope for the future of our land
Ron Martin

The sleepwalker

Like a ghost

Your face is white

You walk silently

Through the night,

You sleep walk

From room to room

Clinging to the hope

It will be daylight soon,

Your Victorian silhouette

Flickers across the wall

You tiptoe down the stairs

Then stop and hug the crimson hall.

You open your eyes

In front of the mirror

You don’t like

The person uncovered,

When asleep

You could bury

All of your memories to keep

By Gillian Sims

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