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I Have Noticed You at Night. – Promote Yourself

I have noticed you at night.
Your promise laden presence
Precedes you into every room
And I forget to breathe.
I have noticed you at night,
Floating in a cloud of faces
That fade to grey, pale to post scripts
In the light electric of your smile. 
I have noticed you at night,
Stolen glances, crowded rooms
And dreamt of drowning (once again)
In pools of cerulean blue. 
I have noticed you at night,
Veiled in an air of intimacy
And, if frank, rue the fact it’s worn
For someone else. Not me. 
I have noticed you at night,
And found, despite myself,
I celebrate your living,
And  am blessed  to see you loving.
 Christopher Leach

Christmas Angel

gills angel

As I walked by the shops

I saw a little boy staring excitedly

On his own I asked where is parents were

He answered they cannot be with me

Puzzled I enquired why this was so

He looked at me and explained with a sigh

My daddy’s in heaven and my mummy is ill

She is in hospital I fear she will die

It’s Christmas you see I’m looking to buy

An angel that’s gentle and mild

An angel that performs miracles

These pitiful words uttered by this child

I was so overcome by his sorrowful tale

I took hold of his hand and took him inside

When he found out the Angel was too expensive

The little boys smiled dropped, he started to cry

I purchased the Angel so gentle and mild

Then prayed for a miracle as he walked away

It was a few weeks after Christmas I saw them

I will never forget that wonderful day

Their faces were beaming with happiness

They both approached me and smiled

His mother thanked me for the gift

Of the Angel so gentle and mild

 The Angel was placed by my bed

In the night the Angel so gentle and mild

 Filled the room with her iridescent light

A miracle was performed for that thoughtful child

My prayers were also answered

Your thoughts can perform miracles to

Just think of that Angel so gentle and mild

Then she will answer your prayers for you

Malcolm G Bradshaw


Love One Another


Give love and a smile;
It will take you and others that extra mile.
For what you give you will receive,
No better time to give, than Christmas eve.

Imagine what a world it would be,
If I loved you and you loved me.
If we multiplied this love to everyone we know;
It wouldn’t be long before it started to grow.

Jesus came into the world, to show us the way;
To love one another every day.
At Christmas time, we celebrate His birth,
So let’s try and remember why He came to this earth.

by Simon Icke

The Snowman

There’s a strange man

In my garden

With top hat and tails

He is looking rather pale

He’s been standing there

For some time now

Just standing and staring

And looking all around

He very often smiles

But doesn’t often frown

The squirrels and the fox’s

All adore him

As they pass by

He lifts his hand

To wave at them

And smiles to say goodnight

Thomas and Gillian Sims

There’s this girl. – Promote Yourself


There’s this girl,
She has a dimple in her smile.
There’s this girl,
I’ve known her from a while.

She wears this stupid look,
She has a cute nose.
Have you seen those models?
She looks like one of those.

I could drown in her eyes,
Again and again.
She asks me what am I looking at?
And I can never explain.

There’s this girl,
She keeps coming in my dreams.
There’s this girl,

I have fallen for her it seems.Hi. My name is Jidvish, I am an Indian and I live in Mumbai. I came across your blog, and absolutely loved the idea. Kudos to you for that. Anyways, here is the poem I would like to submit.

My name is Jidvish but I also go by the name JD, it’s simpler. And my blog link is

Nightcap – Promote Yourself


From this hillside heaped with melon leaves
we watch a golden foil settle over the city,

the outskirt factories shuttling smoke out to sea.
Today after work, after many bad days at work,

I punched the banister into a gap-toothed smile.
On the news we heard of the innocent bystander

caught in a hail of bullets. We imagined
downy feathers in a pendulum descent.

You pull the wine from the rapid of a cold brook.
Exhausted stars recoil into night.

Our mouths, open and soundless,
taste peach on our tongues, a hint of clove.

About the Author
Jason Tandon is the author of three collections of poetry including Wee Hour Martyrdom (2008) and Give over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt (2009), winner of the 2006 St. Lawrence Book Award for a first book from Black Lawrence Press. His poetry and reviews have appeared in AGNI Online, Columbia Poetry Review, Harvard Review Online, Esquire, Pleiades, Poetry International, Prairie Schooner, Spoon River Poetry Review, and on NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac. He teaches in the College of Arts & Sciences Writing Program at Boston University

How time flies

I can’t believe how quick you’ve grown
These last 3 months have really flown,
Suddenly you are smiling away
Making the sunshine day by day,
The sleepless nights have been so tough
Each morning spent feeling rather rough,
But now you look up at me and you smile
I know each night has been worthwhile,
You are quickly growing, changing all the time
I’m just so glad you’re ours, you’re mine,
Your personality is now shining through
We are now getting to know the real little you,
You love a big cuddle and a great big kiss
As you get older, this I will miss,
I cherish each and every day we have
For I know it will all fly by so fast.
By abbe Cutforth

Keep me warm

kids 55555


Keep me warm…..

Keep me safe……

Wrap me up, surround me

With your warm embrace……

Breathe my name …….

In my ear…..

Whisper sweet, beautiful things

Only I can hear……

Make me smile……

Give me hope…….

Let the world go by slowly

While you hold me……

Drift to sleep…….

Holding me…..

Let me hear you breathe softly

As I am bound in your embrace……

I fall asleep….

In your warmth…..

Snuggled tight and smiling

I fall asleep…..

I miss your smile by Malcolm Bradshaw

New beginnings

New beginnings
Ever more smiles
Well being
Yesterdays past,

Tomorrows beginning
Excitement and cheer
Amongst family and friends,
Remembering the memories

We all share

The beginning of the new year
Is the time to reflect,

To make things clear
Twelve months have past

Just so quick

Like a camera flash
No time to dwell

A time to live and be well,
A new start for many

An end to all the worries
2012 is the new beginning,

A fresh start and an happy ending

Happy new year

Gemma C

Love one another

Give love and a smile; 

It will take you and others that extra mile. 

For what you give you will receive, 

No better time to give, than Christmas eve! 

Imagine what a world it would be, 

If I loved you and you loved me. 

If we multiplied this love to everyone we know, 

It wouldn’t be long before it started to grow. 

Jesus came into the world, to show us the way; 

To love one another every day. 

At Christmas time, we celebrate His birth, 

So let’s try to remember why He came to this earth. 

by Simon Icke 

In a world full of conflict, violence, selfishness, greed and hate, what better antidote than the Christmas message of faith, hope, peace and love….I hope you like the message in this poem; Please feel free to copy it out and send it to friends and family, so we can all spread a little more love around the world and hope that it makes a positive difference. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all those you care for… 

Peace and goodwill to all peoples of the world.

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