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Please don’t smoke

 want one so bad I begin to itch

But the more I have the more I get a stitch,

When I have one I feel satisfied

But the more I have the more I might die,

The one after tea is definitely the best

But the more I have,the more pains in my chest,

I used to run,I used to be fit

I need to cut down or definitely quit,

From freshness to blackness I can’t understand

My body was good,but now it is bad

All of them kill,no matter the brand,

You can kick it,yes you can,

Put it out before you choke

Trust me mate, please don’t smoke

By Christopher Wolvet


Come what may

New year – new year

I think I will make one

A new year’s resolution

This year

Stop smoking

Be nice to the wife

Make life better each day

Come what may

Be good, be true

Be sincere to everyone

You can make a promise

But can you keep it?

Tell me more,

I have 3 or 4 Ideas

In my head

But can I keep them all?

I kept one last year

For only day

But I will try again

This year,

Come what may

I promise to be good

Not bad

I will be happy

Not sad

So this new year

I will be good

I will stop doing

This and that

With no chit – chat

I will try to keep

My new years resolution

This year

Come what may.

Thomas Sims

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