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” Slowly: Come Find Me…I’m Tired”:- Promote Yourself


Waking up to a dream

within inward expressions

beaming from green firelight

of a night before…

the soft contours of skin

craving yielded desires.

Through imperfect fatigue

we found rhythms surrounded

by a wash of stars…

mingling surprised tenderness

with fingertips exploring

the fiery galaxy inside you.

Braced, staged, and pressed

against a chattering headboard…

cinched ecstasy and bodies

that remember sinewy luxuries

of acquiesced prodding…

hips colliding tuned to love’s

angelic yellow hymn…

The choir octaves

of an undrawn voice…

Euphoria split visibility

below seas of sighed

breaths that hungered with

with heaving passion

augmenting the way

your blonde hair draped

across your shoulders.

Lonely nights whisper your name

on the edge of expanding wings.

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