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My Princess

My princess!
My heart aches at your face
My heart strings- fragile, moulds bale.
lively blossom-mottled cheek,
                Drips, my sorrow – your Bridal
Veil in bleak.

My princess!
Upon the mirror of my love
Twinkles, your glorious beauty preen.
Entombed into me, your soul,
                  Now, bade me disfigured –
deserted doll.

My princess!
My arms- tender, longs for
Seeks your vision to embrace you.
                  Hold me; I will
cede you my heart’s pulse,
                  I will resuscitate your sleeping
beats convulse.


title-2-Drips, charismatic beads….

Bows, early
dawn’s opalescent sky,
Transient strokes, infinite grace.

        Drips, charismatic beads from on high,
Onto the caravan of veins, slumbering solace.

Rejoices, Splashes of green
Beads: crystal, reflecting light Prismatic: amber.

          Flakes of dulcet tone, camouflaged slender,
Spout-symphony woven out of air.

spreads on Sepal’s palm,
      Dew: beads, slithers, Voyage-sinuous.

            Gleams -At the apex of ladybug’s charm,
spherical, ecstasy, pearly-gloss.


Author, poet-INDIA

Tidying the corners of your life

When you tidy the corners of your life

It is surprising what you may find,

Things that you had forgotten

That somehow were left behind,

It has been said that it is good for the soul

To tidy the corners of your life,

It cleanses your soul and your mind

And blows away your cobwebs

To concentrate on your goals,

Like a change is as good as a rest

There is nothing to compare,

To put you to the test

So if you are feeling blue

Just take the time,

To start tidying the corners of your life

There is nothing to be lost,

It may show you a path to new horizons

And a clearer kind of life

One that may be inspirational,

One that you may find just right

By Gillian Sims 2011

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