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Steam Train Aroma – Promote Yourself

steam train 1

The Steam Train is a living , breathing, giant of a beast. This poem is written for all those who agree…?

Whiff of dragons breath and devils cough
Rocket on launchpad awaiting take- off
Hot coal and cinder mix
Wizards ancient explosive trick
All the bonfires I shall ever know
Chimney smoke rising visually slow
Ancient potion in steaming witches brew
Red hot embers shining like new
Over-cooked sponge cake
Viking long-ship burning on lake
Burnt elixir of forgotten cure
Once inhaled the nose cries out for more
Steam engine with exhaled smoke
Your aroma on which I would gladly choke
Ever present in my lungs
The pleasure passed on in knowing tongues
I delight in your passing scent
A price no man can evaluate
No time to hesitate or take in at your leisure
Evaporation leaves but scant memories to treasure.

By blackangelwings,

The Steam engine

I remember the Steam engine

Thrashing out the wheat,

steamroller working

Laying out our street.

The Steam Trains,

Bellowing out their smoke.

Watching from the bridge,

Trains passing made me choke.

Steam boats on the river,

Chugging up and down,

Children smiling faces,

As they raced around.

Days spent by the embankment,

Paddling in the pool,

Children eating ice cream

Trying to keep them cool.

Trams clanking too and fro

Memories from the past

All these things I remember,

The years have gone so fast

Memories of Nottingham

Flowers that bloom in May

Memories I will treasure

Until my dying day

By Malcolm Bradshaw

9th Competition

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