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The Steam engine

I remember the Steam engine

Thrashing out the wheat,

steamroller working

Laying out our street.

The Steam Trains,

Bellowing out their smoke.

Watching from the bridge,

Trains passing made me choke.

Steam boats on the river,

Chugging up and down,

Children smiling faces,

As they raced around.

Days spent by the embankment,

Paddling in the pool,

Children eating ice cream

Trying to keep them cool.

Trams clanking too and fro

Memories from the past

All these things I remember,

The years have gone so fast

Memories of Nottingham

Flowers that bloom in May

Memories I will treasure

Until my dying day

By Malcolm Bradshaw

9th Competition

Fire and Steam

Grinding metal
Hissing steam
Stained black faces
Bodies lean
Wheels that ran on
Rusting dreams
Through an age
When money preened
Look inside the flame
Of progress
Heat of revolution
Coated with a sheen
Of labour
Coal thrown through
Then all is vapour
Vanishing era that shrank
By Beeching
Consigned to history
Assigned for teaching
Out of the gloom
She snorted once more;
Into a vortex we assume:
Fireball finds the trapdoor.
By Stephen Holloway
9th competition
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