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Poppy and the bluebird

Poppy was basking in the sunlight

She was sitting in her favourite place

Looking up into the blue sky

The sun was shinning upon her face


She sat there and all was peaceful

She felt so relaxed and calm

Knowing that she was safe on her toadstool

She knew she would come to no harm


Excuse me, said a little blue bird

I cannot find my way back to my nest

My wings are very weak from flying

Can I stay awhile to take a rest?


Poppy took pity on the little blue bird

She allowed the little bird to stay

While the little bird was sleeping

Poppy opened her wings and flew away


She circled the forest many times

Looking for the little blue birds nest

This became very tiring for Poppy

So, she settled in a tree for a rest


Whilst resting in the tree for a while

A little bird said excuse me have you heard

I have been looking all day in the forest

Trying to find my little blue bird


So, they both flew back together

To find the little blue bird fast asleep

His mother was so pleased to find him

She gave him a loving kiss on his beak


Mother bird was so grateful to Poppy

For finding her little blue bird that day

Then they both kissed each other

Saying goodbye as they both flew away
Malcolm Bradshaw

Autumn Requiem

When the green of summer changes to an autumn glow,

When the sun settles in the western skies,

When the hours of sunlight get less and less each day,

When the flowers of the field say their goodbyes,

We can hear the music of the autumn requiem,

Which reminds us that each year part of nature dies.

When the birds flock together and prepare to fly away,

To seek food and warmth in foreign land,

When hedgehogs look fora place to hibernate,

It’s a sure sign that winter is close at hand,

The music of the autumn requiem can be heard,

It’s a message which is easy for us to understand.

When the apples on the trees are ripe for picking,

And the grain harvest has been safely stored away,

When the seed for next years harvest has been sown,

Farmers can relax in the calmness of an autumn day,

As they listen to the music of the autumn requiem,

That reminds them that seed time and  harvest will   never pass away.

This promise of god is one on which they can rely,

Knowing that their success depends upon natures cooperation,

Knowing  that hard work on their part is essential,

If they are to provide for the needs of the nation,

But as they listen to the autumn requiem,

They are reminded that god is part of the equation.

By Ron Martin

Shining Star of Sunlight – Promote Yourself

Rainbows of Happiness LLC
Ball of light; glowing white-hot center.
bursting forth your rays, connecting sky to earth.
Illuminating the world from your perch;
amongst a field of blue speckled with cotton-colored clouds.
Brilliant morning star, sharing your light;
extending arms to every corner of the world.
Embracing Earth with warmth,
guiding all through darkness.
Beginning dawn with colorful visions;
weaved intricately in translucent spires.
Intensifying heat with day’s progression;
shining brighter as minutes turn to hours.
Reaching your precipice of strength;
you gather your numerous beams.
Sinking wordlessly into the horizon,
slowly disappearing with the first hint of evening.

 Jennifer L Roche

Watch the shadow.- Promote Yourself


The first time the figure appeared
In sunlight as it
Streaked across the room as
Legs, arms, and a cap?
The near wall became
A shadow-boxer’s element,
Much like looking at a silhouette,
The three worlds colliding:
Ego, pride, and pain …

You needed to qualify, so
You screamed
With each assault
Taking no pleasure
In the match.
On the wall was no longer just one shadow,
But a ritual.
You felt confused and angry.
You knew the energy released
Was a rage that took the shadow on.

Mario Savioni


Ritual Pain

Watch that shadow
As a young child
The first time the figure appeared
A shot of sunlight
Streaks the room
Legs, arms, baseball cap
That nearby wall became
A shadow-boxer’s ring
Much like looking in a mirror
Our world collides
In ego, pride, self-righteous
Ritual pain …
That need to qualify
In a scream, shout
Breath-taking assault
We take no pleasure
When the match begins
The wall no longer rings the boxer
Instead, the separation foreboding
Quiet remorse
Realizing the ritual
The confusion, the anger
That seething rationale
Creating the energy released
Into an atmosphere of rage
Where is the shadow now?
That allows pretention
To be an aside that humors
The human condition in motion
Impulse, that dagger of reaction
Vague memory of loss inside the ritual pain

Thom Amundsen

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