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Coastal Bluff

Frozen laughter
Slices through salt edged air; 
Squeals of delight echo incongruously,
Weaving amongst deserted chalets.
An ageless orange skyline
Remains subdued as disfigured
Sunshine splinters along
Promenades carpeted with silvery hoar.
Stained faces
Stare seawards, breathing with the tide
And isolated shores confront a
Grey, foaming aggressor:
Seemingly unannounced.
Local with a walking stick:
Standing, sideways,
Huddled beside an arcade,
With a lady who smokes
And a dog that shivers.
The rock emporium is up for sale.
Daylight suffers as a blanket of
Gloom shrouds each stranded folly;
Deep, mournful, marble shadows
A lone tug-boat exhales.
Songs of summer evaporate
Into a clear, star speckled night.
Pier: Victorian, railing, paint peeling,
Lists just a little more,
Groaning amid the waves.
The Punch and Judy man
Stands alone on the beach:
In silhouette;
With wet feet;
Stephen Holloway


Thank you Father for Nature,
For supplying the food we eat,
For the many wonderful fruits,
That is tasty and so sweet.

Thank you for the vegetables,
That helps the body to survive,
That nourishes our very being,
To keep us all alive.

Thank you for the conditions,
The wind, the rain and storm,
Thank you for the sunshine,
That ripens the fields of corn.

Bless all the harvest,
Those graces our table fare,
Abundance of glorious food,
A feast for all to share.
So as we celebrate Harvest Festival,
Let us think of those in need,
Send your thoughts out to the starving,
That all of them may feed.

Help us share your treasure,
To those that are starving today,
Give them strength and nourishment,
To soothe their pains away.

If through your love and understanding,
We conquer famine decay and despair,
Then Father we have learnt our lesson,
For through you we have learnt to share.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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