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Looking for god in a hard world

Looking for God in a hard world is not easy.
Does anyone care about the poor and needy?
Why are the rich so greedy?

Violence wars and hatred, famine and drought,
So many go without,
It’s no wonder people start to doubt.

Some people say there is no God,
But with the next breath they blame Him, isn’t that odd?
As they try to make it on their tod.

With life in such a mess,
We could
say why care about the rest?
Have you thought this could be a test?

Perhaps after God’s creation,
He just forgot to mention,
There would be lots of tension.

Where does he come from,
where does he go?
It’s like the wind, I do not know,
Yet His mighty power does show.

Good will prevail over evil in the end,
And forgiveness a
broken relationship will mend.
Wasn’t Jesus sent to be a friend?

Ask and it will be given,
Knock and the door will be opened,
Seek and you will find.

by Simon Icke
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