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Nature’s Retribution

Katrina and Rita have sent us a powerful message
That nature still has the awesome power to destroy
And unless we begin to look after the environment
That is something that we no longer will be able to enjoy
We have witnessed the scenes of devastation
Inflicted on the cities in the Gulf of Mexico
The hurricanes appear to be getting stronger
And the reason for this is something that we should know
Is it as the scientists say the result of global warming?
If so it is a warning we no longer should ignore
We must do our best to protect the environment
Or the powerful effects of nature will be felt even more
It is obvious that we are subject to climate change
We have been told that the Gulf Stream is on the wane
Now is the time for us to take decisive action
Otherwise, in the future we too shall feel the pain
We have all felt concern for those affected in the U.S.A
And many of us helped by making a contribution
But we must all be prepared to change the way we live
Or nature will continue to take its retribution
 Ron Martin
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