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The Mirror – Promote Yourself

fair lady

Finally the fair lady
Stepped up to the mirror
After a grueling make up session
To avoid the natural horror
The traditional line outburst
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
(the same one from the “snow white tale”)
Who is the fairest of them all
The mirror, a coward
Afraid of being thrown out
Did his pretense well
Of flaunting the beauty beyond doubt
The sweet song of praise
Were like music to the lady’s ears
The endless description of her beauty
Were like medicine to the mirror’s fears
And so the session of admiration
Went on for years
Much to the delight of the fair lady
And to the disgust of ones near
Till one day it so happened
The mirror got a crack
An outcome of the dresser’s plight
For which the fair lady gave her a sack
The broken glass of reflection
No longer fit the lady’s match
His melodious beauty songs
No longer the fair lady’s attention catch
The broken and despaired one
Who knew his days were numbered
Waited for the de day
When fate would have him surrendered
Daily with the fair lady’s arrival
Prayers were being recited at double pace
The total dictionary of beauty was narrated
Yet no change on the fair lady’s face
The de day came
With sharp instruments piercing through
The mirror was cut and chiseled
Till it became shining new
The mirror’s devotion paid off
It now dazzled with beauty
But now, a hand mirror
It was now owned by Little Miss Fair Lady
And so the little one
Carrying the heritage of the fair lady’s blood
Continued on the tradition
Of the make-up and admiration flood
With the relieved mirror
Still in her possession
Ladies anticipate for it to break
To get a piece of the glittering passion
written by
Nita Varma
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