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Complacency-The Miasma Unseen – Promote Yourself


As I listened it all seemed so good, so right

The Scriptures quoted spot on

I felt myself being drawn in praying along

It all made perfect sense

It was something I thought I needed to hear

But there was more…

And it came in the form of a book and 3 dvds

For thirty five dollars it would be sent to me

And right there I was lost…disconnected

The vacuum cleaner’s electrical cord stretched to it’s limits

The droning winding down

Inertia halting

dying with a feeble whine as the cord was yanked from the receptacle

“Cat o’ nine tail’s Righteous fury, tables overturned…!”

money changers scurrying

i turned off my cell phone and put the credit card back into my wallet

(what was i thinking?!)

and it threatened to tear me apart

as i was violently snapped out of it !

stronger than it had pulled at me

that I had been listening and following so closely

such seeming sincerity

sundered sound-bites

of only temporal brevity

had suckered me in

you seemed like such a nice guy

so well informed

and I wanted so to believe in your message

I whispered “Holy Spirit come”

And I was compelled to withdraw

Run towards The Son

Little naked child

Hands raised for Poppa

Reaching out

Asking myself…

When did I learn to walk much less run?

When did I become so clinically analytical?

Or have I just become cynical?

(Is it really all so formulaic…in grey scale italics?)

There is nothing simpler

Than to simply seek after “ABBA”

in JESUS name. 

Anthony Gomaz

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