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Christmas Holiday

snowflakes thomas
Snowflakes patterned
Like Nottingham Lace
Children skating
Creating faces
Of joy
Church bells ringing
People singing
A Christmas song
Everyone scurries
All of a flurry
To and fro
They have to go
And shop
Trudging through
The deep deep snow
Christmas is here
Everyone knows
In the ice cold snow

Thomas Sims

Would You Save My Soul Tonight?


Would you save my soul tonight
Would you hold me close and tight
Would you dream the dream I dream
Would you feel the same emotion
Would you still hold me tight
All through the night
Caress my nightmares
Share what I share
See what I see
Do you believe in me
Would you save my soul tonight
Until the morning light

Gillian and Thomas Sims



I went back to the town
Where I once lived
I hitched a lift on a lorry
That seemed to be
Travelling my way,
We reached the outskirts
Of the town
No-one was around,
The lorry driver dropped me off
With a toot and a wave
He drove onto
The motorway,
As the street lights shone bright
I turned right
Into the street where I once lived
Some thirty years ago,
The house was still there
But looked kind of bare,
The door was still painted Blue
But windows were new,
Then the door opened wide
And I glanced inside,
To my surprise
It all remained the same
As I remembered it
Thirty years ago,
When I bought this house
I had money and fame
But nothing remains the same,
The good times had gone to my head
I remember the drink, the drugs,
And the shame,
That brought me down to my knees
So I’m asking you please,
Don’t live in the past
Because the good times
Will never last

Thomas Sims



Robbie Robbie we know you

A Scottish poet through and through

Haggis Neeps and Tatties too

Nip of Whiskey

Just for you

Keeps the cold out

Just as well

Scottish dancing all around

Listening to the bagpipes sound

Tam O’ shanter

Auld lang syne

Celebrate through the night.

Thomas Sims



Please can you help

Santa’s lost his reindeer

He does not know where to look

He’s even looked up the chimney

And then got covered in soot

So if you have seen his reindeer

Just give him a call

On Lapland 23234

Or go to Santa’s grotto

And knock upon his door

So please help poor Santa

So if you have seen Santa’s reindeer

Just give him a call

On Lapland 23234

By Thomas Sims

Thomas Sims

My Parcel


I’ve got a parcel to send

I’ts coming apart at the end

I’ve got no string

My sellotape is running out

So what can I do?

I have no glue

But I’ve still got a parcel

To send to you

So off to the shop I will go

To buy some sellotape string, or glue

Because I have a parcel

To send to you

A parcel sent with love

Put together with

Sellotape string and glue

Thomas Sims


Don’t dilly- dally We’re off to the rally

To London and Brighton we will go,

The engine’s bright the plugs are clean

It still sounds like an old washing machine

So we are ready?

London to Brighton we will go,

So It’s off down the road

With engine Throbbing

The gears are grinding,

It’s steady as we go

Then the car just stops,

The engines starts steaming

Then the wife starts screaming,

One of the wheels fall off

It was a sorry sight to see,

I get a hammer, and a spanner

To try to fix it on the spot,

Then a man with a van

Said “yes I can”

It was the AA man you see,

So with all bits

He gets it fixed

And down the road we go,

So don’t dilly-dally

We are back in the rally

And to the sea -side we will go

By Thomas Sims

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