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The night before Christmas


It was the night before Christmas

Snow was on the ground

Mum and Dad had gone out

There was only me and Gran in the house

She told me to be good as Santa is around

But when Gran left the bedroom

To the window I rushed,

In the distance a bright light I saw

I was so excited this could be Santa Claus!

Coming to my house

I’ll jump into bed

Bury my head,

Pretend I am asleep,

In the middle of the night

I heard a bang and a creak

I think Santa is back,

The bedroom door flew open

Santa stood there all covered in soot

Holding the largest Santa sack,

He shuffled back out the door

He left presents galore

Scattered all over the floor,

He did not expect to see me

Waiting for him,

Will I still get my Christmas treats?

Will Santa still have his midnight feast

His mince pie and sherry delight?

Thomas Sims

My Funny Bunny

I have a little bunny,

Who likes to skip and hop

He looks a little funny,

When he does his bop.


He searches in his hutch,

For food and all his toys

He doesn’t seem to think much,

To my sisters little boys.


When we are alone,

That’s when he comes alive

He talks about his old home,

And his sisters, he had 5.


I love my little bunny,

I tell him all the time

Although he’s a little funny,

I am so glad he is mine.

Abbe Cutforth

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