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Looking Between the Leaves- Promote Yourself


Gently coaxing
Out from the leaves
A tiny viola
Fit to bust
Pride in all its smallness
Unparalleled beauty
Hint of heaven

Cheryl Bhagwandin

The City of the Crown, the Ghost Town – Promote Yourself


There was a town,

full of children`s laughter,

it was the City of the Crown,

until the time

when there was a slaughter.


It happened one night,

full of dark clouds,

the moon was looking

from above the sky.

His face turned red.

He sent everyone to bed.


Next day, no one woke up,

not because they were sleepy,

but because the guardian,

the moon, Mr. Dropout,

disappeared and turned

laughter into the creepy



He was tired of them,

tired of arguing and destroying

everything around,

so he made sure no one ever

would made that horrible sound.

The sound of the war.


Terrible stories started to spread

around the surrounding towns,

that their capital one

lost all of their crowns.


Until now, when someone

enters that creepy town,

he can hear whispers,

he can sense the presence

of the ghost sisters

and brothers.


Every night, Mr. Dropout

turns on the sky,

making sure no one will stay

and he will not hear

another cry.


After all these years,

he is still guarding them,

the souls that betrayed him.

He is looking down,

to the City of the Crown,

to the Ghost Town.


Not because he wants

them to be safe and peaceful.

He is making sure

they will not harm.

He still haunts

and stalks that town.


Some people say he was merciful,

that he sent them to sleep,

so they do not had to fear

all that was coming.

Another people say he was cruel,

trying to made them never forget,

only regret

what they had done.


When you enter the city

and start to frisk,

you will experience the pity,

so enter at your own risk.

He is watching.

Still watching you.


Mia Rohacova

Author: LilSwot (


//A bit about me: I am a writer and poet living in England, who is on her long way of self-publishing process. On my blog I focus on poetry, especially Spooky Poems and I`ve stared with poem story called Ghost Town. 

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