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True Within My Soul


When I am alone
Blue skies, in autumn
I delight in the splendour

I can discard the hate
That swells around me
When people wreak allowances
Coursing through their veins
In a supported fashion of

Back here I lay my body on the natural earth
And feel the fabric of my existence
Envelop me with little regard of self worth
Only the Grace of no resistance
Eyes searching the brilliance of a sky
Pleasure in the chaos of human kind
Losing its way; a struggle that will not defy
This languorous journey in my free mind

Walking on the street
I would hear laughter
We realize that man
Builds up an ego to
Imaginings of a certain love thought alone
At risk
If only for a moment of hateful spite

Yet this quiet brisk windswept fall whence
I will realize the quest of God’s nature
To allow my soul to rest in the earth with confidence
Knowing I can be so happy and free to be sure

The pattern of life begins with every new sunrise
Knowing only our beauty of love will be the wise

Thom Amundsen

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