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I hate snow

I hate snow12345678

“Snow And I Just Don’t Compute”

Snow you arrive when it’s brutally cold,

An army of billions you travel so bold.

Flake by flake you fall and cover my life,

Which causes my morning commute to be full of strife.

At the first sign of warmth you cower away,

But remember in 2011 if you land on an army base you can now tell them if you’re gay.

After you’ve been on Earth for a while you turn gross and brown,

However some think you are beautiful when you cover their town.

But I am not one who finds you appealing,

Some would say about my personality that this is revealing.

While many children were using you to make angels and men,

I was anti-socially curled up inside watching TV in the den.

The fact that some people love snow is one I won’t dispute,

But please understand that snow and I will never, ever, compute.

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