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GIVING THANKS – Promote Yourself


So many things to be grateful for,
where does a person start?
By giving thanks for air we breathe
and the steady beat of our heart.

For cloud bursts filled with welcome rain,
for the sun’s light every day,
for millions of stars shining at night,
far off in our Milky Way.

Gratitude for family and friends
with their unique connections,
each one offering love and support,
sharing their soul reflections.

Family pets, shepherd’s flocks,
herds of cattle on ranches,
wheat fields, corn fields, orchards
bearing fruit on all their branches.

Fish in the seas, birds in the air,
waterfalls, mountains and streams,
our never-ending abilities
to pursue our wildest dreams.

Our homes, whether grand or humble,
keeping us safe and warm.
Our knowledge, ever increasing,
on how to weather each storm.

There’s no end of things to be grateful for
all the time, not just Thanksgiving Day.
With an attitude of gratitude,
we can handle what comes our way.

Jean Kay

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