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Light the Blue Touchpaper



Carefully Guy carried the taper

and placed it against the pyre.
Ample amounts of petrol vapour

rapidly ignited the fire.

“Grand Commander Thrrp”, said the underling
avoiding its superior’s stare,
“They’ve lit another beacon. This time an intriguing
place they call Weston-Super-Mare.”
“They must be aimed at us. I see no other design.”
was the Grand Commander’s view.
“Our primary goal is first contact. This is a sign
it’s important to these creatures too.”
“Fire up the translator. Initialise the empathy device.
Dress yourself in Earthling wear.
Ask the computer to determine appropriate technology advice.
Then land us in Weston-Super-Mare.”

Guy stood, reigniting the taper.

The evening was on track.
With care he lit the blue touch paper

and then he stood well back

“They’re firing upon us!” the underling exclaimed.
“Report,” ordered his superior.
“Multiple miniscule missiles. Not particularly well aimed
but a few have hit the exterior.”
“Take evasive manouvres and get us out of here.
I want bombing altitude yesterday.”
The underling pressed a few buttons, trembling in fear,
knowing how the Earthlings would pay.
But he finally said, looking at the planet soon to be no more,
“It may only be the leaders that are errant.”
“Nonsense,” said the commander, “We’ve seen their sort before.
They should have forced a change of government.”
©Adam Rulli-Gibbs 2002 – 2006
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