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Motor bike for sale




Quarter of a million pound motor bike

T E Lawrence he had one Lawrence of Arabia to you and me

Lawrence got a terrific fright one night

When he got off his camel and climb on his motor bike

A Brough superior ss100 motor cycle

In the year of 1925

It had a powerful 980cc Jap v twin engine

It was the fastest thing you ever did see

A 100mph a guarantee

It’s now August 2011

It’s a sad day for me

A Brough motor bike

In Auction in a America

That’s just to far for me

A quarter of a million pound price tag

It’s pie in the sky just to high

So I can look from afar

But the only thing for me

IS to buy a rusty second hand car

By Thomas sims


The Wheel

It started right here, we didn’t think it was real
In 6400 BC man invented the wheel.
In 1839 the bicycle arrived
Experimental two-wheeled vehicles,
To be powered by human legs.
It had two wheels,
One at the back and one at the front
Then the French and the English
Built a bicycle just like this one
In 1493 that Leonardo De Vinci designed.
The bike had now arrived,
It was the only way to travel
Now there was Henry Ford
Who was working for Edison Illuminating Company,
When Ford saw the light.
So instead of a bicycle he built a car.
He called it the model A. Ford,
Then he added a T. which became the famous
Model T. Ford nicknamed the flivver.
850 Dollars to buy
So with the invention of the wheel,
The bike and the car,
Came the opportunity to travel afar.

By Thomas Sims

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