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In Full Bloom – Promote Yourself



Guardians sow seeds, some few
While they influence and mold
Rain love, wisdom and view
The bud begins to unfold

Anchored firmly in the ground

Small brain sponges up the dew
Retaining complex hold
Directions to aspire to
The blossoming to behold

Sweetened tad above the mound

Teenage thorns, the stem come thru
Refusing to be controlled
In full bloom, defiant hue
Crippled petals start to fold

Yielding blossoms can’t be found

With age, time, plant will renew
Reblooming with praise untold
Soaking in lights grace on cue
The legend of thorns retold

Sower and seed forever bound

Hi my name is Bernadette Rivera. I live in the USA. I’m 53 and have been writing since I was eight. I write childrens books, poetry,and I blog.
Reading and writing are my passion.


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