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The prophet

Some kids were in the Holy Land ,

And one old prophet walking by

‘Baldy!’ they shouted, Baldy!’

He didn’t care for their rude cry.

Such insults to a man of God!

At once he laid a curse

Upon the jeering wretches there-

Which, as it happened, was the worst

Thing they could have dreamed of.

For, as the curse came from his lips,

Two mother bears came from the woods.

Those kids had had their chips.

The cheeky lads were torn apart

To bits and bones and blood.

So much for mocking righteous men:

A fate much worse than Noah’s flood

  Ron Gardner 

The ghost of you


I saw a ghost

Walking through the woods

Was it you, or

Was it my imagination

Just wanting to,

To see your face

Illuminate the sky,

Whilst I try

To stop

My tears cascading

Like a waterfall



Down my face,

I embrace

Your memory,

I follow your footsteps

In the dark wet woods

In the deep of the night, 

My heart races

I sharpen my pace

I feed my hunger 

My urge,

To see your face,

I follow the memory

I follow the ghost

I’m all alone

With the memory

Of you

Gillian Sims



Poppy and the snail

Poppy the fairy was flying in  the forest

When she came across Simon the  snail

He wasn’t looking too  good

In fact he was looking quite  pale

Whatever is the matter enquired  Poppy

I don’t know was Simons  reply

I have not been able to  slither

For my trail has been to  dry

Poppy gently picks him up in  her arms

Flew down to the doctor pretty  quick

For she was very concerned  about Simon

For she knew that Simon was  very sick

She took him to see doctor  dandelion

The doctor would know what to  do,

He examined poor Simon  thoroughly

He diagnosed Simon of having  snail flu

The doctor told Poppy to take  him home

Put Simon straight into his bed

Make sure he has plenty of  fluid

Place a cold compress around  his head

Poppy made sure Simon was  comfortable

As she tucked Simon into his  shell

After a few days of nursing

Simon recovered very healthy  and well.

Malcolm  Bradshaw
The winner of the
9th Competition
Malcolm Bradshaw has donated his prize money back to Poetree creations
So we can run more poetry workshops
A big thank you from every one at Poetree creations
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