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Some people write like Wordsworth – Promote Yourself


Some people are amazing
They write like Wordsworth
Or Maya Angelou
Or John Donne
Others are fun like Roger and Pam and Robert
And Edward And John
There is a small group
Of students
Who discovered poetry
Antidote to sloppy
Valentine drivels
–    at least partly my aim
“Let me be your Ford cortina
I will never rust…”

Gradually Shakespeare
Got a look in
Sonnet puzzles
Cut up and
Mix and match
And sorted out.
Macbeth was cool
–    and then not
“He killed all the kids?”
stark incomprehension
from streetwise ones
who earlier
put me right
on up to date
police procedures
after “incidents”
and what the cells
and forms
were like.

And Romeo and Juliet
Four funerals
And a wedding
Mercutio dealing drugs

So when Wordsworth
Stole a boat
He was
“A good ol’ boy”
but still “gay”*
for the dancing daffodils.

*apologies for the offence…we had the discussion…many times…
Improvement was they didn’t use the term when I was around…!
GCSE Eng Lit insisted on Daffodils at that time.
Cheryl Bhagwandin

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