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Lest we forget

Have we forgotten their ultimate sacrifice?
Of these men and women who died in their millions?
Brave and true, without question,
proud to be British, not ashamed to be Christian.

So many years have passed,
it seems our memory doesn’t last.
Forgetting these courageous people, to our shame.
Why can’t we remember their names?

How short is our memory?
That we have forgotten them already?
Died in their millions fighting for our freedom,
believing in our free democratic ideology.

What does it take to wake up this country,
to rise once again from its complacency?
How much more do we take, before we decide to fight,
for our beliefs, our traditions and our liberty?

by Simon Icke UK



The many words she has inscribed upon the page
Reveal the unhappiness and anguish she has known
That she has suffered throughout her life can be seen
For in so many ways she has often felt alone
In her simple words she tries to show
Why it is difficult for her to understand
How life could deal her such cruel blows
Why fate had dealt her a losing hand
And so she picks up her pen to write
For she wants all the world to know
That unhappiness has marred her life
In the same way that the weather is blighted by the winter snow
But life is very much like seasons
The winter snow melts and spring eventually comes again
The sunshine will break through the clouded skies
And happiness will take the place of pain
And so she now faces life with hopes renewed
Knowing here are opportunities that she can take
Opportunities which will give her much satisfaction
And that failing to take them would be a terrible mistake
We can now see that her happiness is returning
But its completion may take a little while
The visions of joy which the future holds
Can now be seen in her winsome smile 
By Ron Martin

My Facebook friends


I have 5000 friends

From all around the world,

They’ve been collected like stamps

From America England and France,

Along the way I gained advice

Some very interesting facts,

Along with great knowledge

From my Facebook friends,

Artists and writers

People from every walk of life,

Displaying their work

Upon my Facebook page,

Such creative people

The salt of the earth,

Collected like gold coins

In a silk lined purse

By Gillian Sims


It is time

It is time to give

To the less fortunate than ourselves

It is time to pray

For all the hungry people in the world

It is time for peace

To unleash

All of the anger we hold within

It is time

To forget our needs

Let the poor breathe

Good  health

Let their faces sparkle

From wealth

It is time

When the world

Should be sowing a seed

To dismiss all the greed

To concentrate on peace

It is time to sow a seed of hope

To let all the bad things go

It is time to bring happiness

It is time I know

 Gillian Sims

Christmas Gifts


Christmas greetings to everyone,

These gifts we bring are new,

For they come from the spirit world,

We wish to give them to you.

Our first gift is of happiness,

To bring laughter to those in need,

To fill their hearts with gladness,

We plant a joyous seed.

Our second gift is for thoughts,

To send to those alone,

To those who have no family,

To those who have no home.

Our third gift is of understanding,

For those of different faiths,

To tolerate your fellow-man,

No matter what colour or race.

Our fourth gift is of peace,

To place into the hearts of men,

To cease all the turmoil,

Never to war again.

Our final gift is from your loved ones,

Who have just come to say?

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

On this your special day.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Sea Fever – Your Favourite Poem


I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking,

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.


Inside Looking Out – Promote Yourself

My name is Chris Ball, I’m a 35 year proud Dad of an amazing son and an electrical test engineer from Plymouth in England. I write when i feel the urge and or need and i read when i find the time.
This is a poem from the point of view of a goldfish, its kind of metaphorical but more blunt than subtle.


Solitary, but content,
Looking out from his own world,
A memory longer than you’d ever know.
Sustenance from above drifting ever closer,
That no hands could ever gather.

How they stare and gawp,
Torturous tapping to gain his attention,
But he does not hear,
Just feels the pain,
And once again,
Floats off in his own enclosed world.

How I envy him and all he can do,
Literally breathing in the very world around him,
Relying on all those outside for all that he knows,
For without them he will not be.

Does he know that one sad day,
His whole world will turn up-side-down?
From his perspective he will not notice,
But we will, we will.

By Chris Ball

Happen – Promote Yourself


If the world stood still for a day,

do you think any destruction could happen?

or do you think we’ll all freeze, still, never moving forward

If peace was a reached goal for the world,

is it possible that we could keep it that way?

or would we search for a battle

to cause pain, hurt and death that has become such second nature to us now

If time traveling was the way to the future,

what would happen to the past and the present?

would curiosity kick in and compel us to go back and fix what could be fixed, save what could be saved and create a future that we have always visioned as a nation

The past is over that’s why it should be left there,

to settle in its former glory, to collect the dust of times that go by

you have to focus on today because all we really know and what we can be sure of is what is happening right now around us

so live each day to the fullest

breathe as if it’s your last breath

and love with an open heart


By: me (Bea Militante)

my blog is

I live in england for school, but im originally from the philippines, im mixed raced and im currently in year 13 at secondary school. I really want to have my own poetry book so I decided to create my blog purely so i could see how people react to my poems. They are all deeply personal and based on my life, mainly my childhood so I would love it if you could publish it on your blog for me, you follow me actually and favourited this one.

Tears for the world


I cry for the world in turmoil

I cry for the world in pain

I cry for the lost and lonely

Who cry in the wilderness in vane?


I cry for those that are grieving

For all the tears they have cried

For all the emotions they experience

For the confusion deep down inside


I cry when nature is abused

By mans obsession for wealth

Stripping the world of its minerals

Interfering with this planets health


We are destroying our environment

Many more species are now extinct

It is time we changed our attitudes

In the way we all act and think


We have all been given a beautiful jewel

That is spinning around in space

It is everyone’s responsibility on earth

To make this planet a better place


Malcolm Bradshaw

No matter what


No matter what

The world may throw

No matter what

Path we choose to go

No matter what

Mistakes we make

No matter what

Mess we create

No matter what

Lifestyle we lead

No matter what

We feel we need

No matter what

You are the one

No matter what

Who I can depend on

Gillian Sims

A change is required

If we look about us what do we expect to see?

Would it be a world in which everyone is free?

A world where prosperity is shared by everyone,

Or one in which some people still live in poverty?


Is this the kind of world that God intended?

Is this scenario fulfilling God’s masterplan?

Or, has it come about through man’s manipulation,

With sin having an effect from the day the world began?


We are told that it was intended for man to live in harmony with God,

And that it was for his pleasure that man was created,

But man set out to gain his independence,

And for this reason, God’s plan has been frustrated.


Over the years the world has seen many changes,

But this does not mean it is a better place,

There have been many improvements in our standard of living,

But these do not apply to every member of the human race.


We live in a world where the burden of work has been eased,

Much of the hard labour has been replaced by machinery,

Many new tasks have been introduced,

Most of which are carried out by complex technology.


What difference has this knowledge made to us,

Are we living in a world where happiness knows no bound?

With all this progress in Science and technology,

Peace, satisfaction and harmony should be found.


To improve the conditions in which people live and work,

Is the objective for which people have fought and died,

The result of their work has been beneficial,

But each improvement can mean more people are dissatisfied.


We live in a world where comparison is rife,

Where many people are not satisfied with their lot,

They look around and see people with more than them,

Or, that some people have got something that they have not.


To many this is a cause of jealousy or envy,

They are not happy at another person’s obvious success,

They do not always accept that this success is deserved,

And this can lead to a sense of bitterness.


Social engineering has been applied to many aspects of our life,

But this has failed time and time again,

Real progress does not come about by changing conditions,

What is needed is a change in the hearts and minds of men.


Without this change other changes will be ineffective,

Greed, selfishness and intolerance will still hold sway,

There may be many improvements in our standard of living,

But in the long run we shall lose the day.


Ron Martin

In an ideal world

In an ideal world

Poverty would not exist

Wars would be a myth,

We would not have to protest

To be put to the ultimate test

In an ideal world

We would all unite

Create an international community

One that is airtight,

Where we wouldn’t be allowed to fight

In an ideal world

We could all travel across the globe

No barriers involved,

To live life to the extreme

No sadness or heartache to redeem

In an ideal world

We would all cherish one another

Like one would nurture a red rose,

We would be kind to our sister or brother

Care more about their whereabouts before time goes

In an ideal world

Twenty four hours would be one month

Lots more living to spare,

For persuing our ultimate dreams

Instead of surviving the dreaded credit crunch

In an ideal world

Travel would be free

To unite families who may live abroad,

Something refreshing for the eyes to see

To have freedom and a whole lot more

In an ideal world

By Gillian Sims

Is it the end ?

The clock strikes twelve the end has come

The beer, the lager, and the whisky has gone

But it is not the end

But a new beginning

The start of a brand new year

For everyone,

2012 and the world’s having fun

A year for all new things to be done

A new job, to earn a few bob,

New seeds to sow, then see them grow

Is something we did a year ago

So happy new year to everyone

Because a new year just begun

Thomas Sims

Living in the fast lane

Life’s so quick; life’s so fast,at this rate will I last?How on earth will I stay sane?

Living in the fast lane.

Peace of mind I have no more,

simple life has gone for sure.

Always wanted in constant demand,

mobile in car, mobile in hand.

No time to talk to an old friend,

new friend computer, says ‘press and send’.

Half hour lunch, if you are lucky!

Eat whilst running, your fast food ‘Kentucky’.

Send a letter. ‘It takes too long,’

fax and email are the new song.

Internet instant message has just beckoned,

chat to global village in a second.

How long can I keep up this pace?

Will I ever finish the New World race?

My life is spinning out of control.

A high price to pay, for selling my soul.

Simon Icke
FootNote: I wrote this poem a few years ago before some of the very latest; go faster, easier life, busy people gadgets were on the market. However, I believe the message in the poem is still strong. Ever since I published this poem a few years ago, it has been one of the most liked and requested poems; from those that I have written. My apologies, if you already have a copy pinned to your notice board to remind you to slow down a little in your busy life. Please feel free to forward it to a ‘busy, busy friend’ or family member. Why not copy this poem out and post it somewhere to remind you not to live your life in the fast lane and take time each day to stand and stare occasionally, smell the autumn air, or the freshness of the morning dew, listen to the birds singing their chorus or just enjoy the beauty of nature and God’s creation all around you, perhaps make time to speak to a lost friend or a forgotten family member. You have my permission to publish the poem if you like its message on your web page, newsletter or in your newspaper or magazine. All I ask is you that acknowledge me as the author: Simon Icke, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire. UK.
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