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Daily Archives: January 29, 2015


There was once two girls on the way to school,
They thought there was a possibility that they might be late,
One decided to stop and pray that she would get there on time,
The other prayed as she ran all the way to the gate.
There are many who believe in the power of prayer,
Others know that God will not do what we ourselves could achieve,
Working in close co-operation with God can be effective,
But this is a power which is only given to these who believe.
Prayer is two way communication with God,
In which we tell God what we require,
At the same time God will speak to us,
To tell us what we must do to get what we desire.
It really is important that we are prepared to play our part,
Otherwise the communication with God is one sided,
We should not expect God to do the things we ask,
Unless we are willing to follow the path which he has decided.
Which of the two little girls are you like?
The one who stops and kneels down to pray,
Or the one who gets on with the rest of your life,
Whilst praying that God will help you on the way.
Ron Martin

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