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Daily Archives: January 24, 2015


Who will take the place of Mary Whitehouse?
Are you the one who is going to volunteer?
Are you concerned with the decline in morality?
Or one of those who do not really care?
How much longer are we prepared to accept this situation?
Who amongst you is prepared to join in the fray?
In the fight to protect the morals of our nation,
Which appears to be deteriorating with each passing day.
We often hear of people of previous good character,
Who now face charges of downloading pornography,
We wonder how they have become so depraved,
We know it indicates a lowering of standards in society.
Is this because we allow the media to broadcast sex and violence?
Is this because we are prepared to bury our heads in the sand?
Knowing the effects that this is having on society,
Blighting the future for everyone in the land.
Young people now accept this as the norm,
This is the model on which their lives are based,
If we as adults and parents appear to accept it,
Is there any wonder that their standards are debased?
Surely there is something that we can do,
To prevent our country sinking into a sea of immorality,
Please, please try to do something about it,
Please, please do not leave it all to me.
Ron Martin

Illuminate – Promote Yourself

cat Behind the darkness An illumination Shadows in the night Made visible by the light Could it be? The dark and light Conspiring against me One I thought Was my friend Turned out to be A friend of the enemy. -Atlanta Karenina I am from the Philippines. You’ll find me in a corner, sipping tea and immersed in fiction Or in the kitchen, trying to perfect the chocolate cake.

Afterthought – Promote Yourself


Three Little Words

 i love

Never be ashamed to say I love you

For one day it might be to late

For one day it will be impossible

So do it now, do not wait


 Without expressing your feeling

Without showing that you care

Your life becomes empty

Into the abyss you will stare


We don’t know what’s around the corner

Whether you will be around for another day

Just three little words “I love you”

That is all you have to say


Then you feel the elation within yourself

For you have opened up your heart

You realise what those three words mean

Expressing your love, making a new start


Don’t take your loved ones for granted

Let them all know in turn

Then you will find they will reciprocate

By giving their love in return


Malcolm Bradshaw

A Butterfly in Church – YOUR FAVOURITE POEM

What dost thou here, thou shining sinless thing,
With many coloured hues and shapely wing?
Why quit the open field and summer air
To flutter here? Thou hast no need of prayer.

‘Tis mete that we who this stone structure built
Should come to be redeemed and washed from guilt,
For we this guilded edifice within
Are come with every kind of human sin.

But thou art free from guilt, as God on high;
Go seek the blooming waste and open sky,
And leave us here our secret woes to bear,
Confessionals, and agonies of prayer.

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